We're Here to Help

We're Here to Help

Who We Are


T.A.G.S. is composed of a group of individuals, business owners, and professionals united to empower the community through resources and guidance. This particular undertaking was conceived out of the most recent COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools and colleges are closed due to this State of Emergency. These students depend on school lunch for their meals, in some cases this is their only portion for the day, will now be without access to food. We are banding together, as a community, to ensure that no child goes hungry while providing free lunch during these next few weeks and possibly beyond. 

Free Lunch KC

Our focus is to provide free lunches, information, and bring hope and a sense of safety to those who will be the most overlooked in our community in this time of need- our children and young people. For our school age children, a typical lunch will include one of the following: a pre-wrapped peanut butter sandwich (with grape jelly, strawberry jelly, honey, or Nutella), a pasta bowl (marinara or cheesy), or a meal of similar value. In addition, children will also be provided with a piece of fruit (apple, orange, or banana), a snack (chips, Goldfish, crackers, fruit roll-up, or pretzels), a veggie bag, and fruit juice. We absolutely will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions! 

Beyond Free lunch

We are comprised of promise to be there for the children of our community every step of their journey. Our goal is to comfort them by meeting a practical need during this time of uncertainty. They will be seen, heard, and we will move forward together as a stronger community for it. 

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